Junior Youth Challenge

Child Evangelism Fellowship® is serious about discipleship. Good News Clubs are a primary means of discipling children, but when pre-teens age out of GNC™, we want them to continue growing in their walk with Christ, being involved in local churches and developing a missionary vision especially as relates to CEF ministry. We believe that in doing this God will raise up more volunteers, teachers, supporters and workers to minister among the children.

Christian Youth in Action® is one program for teens and young adults, but there is another—Youth Challenge.  Youth Challenge is most developed in Europe. Colin Hylands, CEF of Ireland is team leader for Youth Challenge. His goal is to have the program in every nation in which CEF ministers.

Junior Youth Challenge for ages 11-15. The focus of Youth Challenge is knowing Christ, living for Him and serving Him. Teens immerse themselves in God’s Word through a five-year curriculum.  Meetings include Bible teaching, singing, games, quizzes and other activities. But beyond regular meetings, there are special events and national events such as sports nights and weekend gatherings.

If you are interested in serving at a junior high in our area, please contact:

Cyndi Struven