Prayer Corner



December 1, 2017

We are thankful for

  • Three new volunteers were added this month to growing clubs!
  • Two people have said they are interested in volunteering at the Foothill club!
  • Testimony from a CEF worker that there are children attending club from a family of Jehovah Witnesses, that the mom got saved, and now the whole family is involved in a church.
  • Growing clubs!

Please pray for:

  • Club Focus: Brandon Elementary School, Goleta Unified School District

Volunteers: Cyndi Struven, Robin Wood, Blake Sova

  • That the administration would be gracious and grant a room – especially during inclement weather
  • For the children to invite their friends to join us and that the Lord would add boys to the club
  • For Blake to be free during tax season or that the Lord would raise up a sub for him
  • Christmas Party Clubs
    • For open doors
    • For volunteers to run the clubs
    • For many children to attend, and hear about the birth of Christ, and get saved
  • Good News Clubs
    • URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: For wisdom how to proceed at El Camino School where the principal says there is no room for a Good News Club.
    • For another team member for Foothill School
    • For the Lord to raise up a team to reach out to Solvang School through Trinity Baptist Church.
    • For a Spanish speaking team to open up a club at McKinley School
    • Please pray for sufficient volunteers so we can reopen clubs at
      • Aliso
      • Canalino
      • Isla Vista

 Junior Youth Connection Club :

    • For a team to run the club—especially young adults—at La Colina Junior High School where, for the first time, the principal is open to the idea.
    • Favor and wisdom in advertising the club so students find out and attend.
    • To be a blessing to students who attend the club in particular and to the whole junior high in general.