Prayer Corner


April 16, 2017


  • Good News Club volunteers report that new children continue to come to their clubs.

Good News Club Spotlight: The Village Apartment Complex,

Teachers: Jeff Havlik (club director), Cary Young, Roy & Sandy Millender


  • The club has grown in number since the beginning of the school year and the children have grown in their understanding of the scriptures.
  • The volunteers of this club want to start a club at another apartment complex next year, “The Lighthouse.” Both complexes are run by the Turner Foundation.

 Specific Requests:

  • That the students put their trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  • For whole families to be saved.
  • For families to attend church.
  • That the club be a good testimony at this complex.
  • For enough volunteers to run both clubs next year.
  • For the volunteers to be godly examples, patient with and understanding of the children.

Please pray:

  • CEF’s “REJOICE!” international conference May 8-13. Cyndi Struven will be attending. Please pray for her travelling mercies as well as increased vision and understanding of God’s work among the children, locally and globally.
  • All-Club End-of-Year Party – May 19th at Santa Barbara Community Church.
    • Safety
    • Anointed gospel message and salvation of parents
    • Good organization
  • For planning of the Summer 5-Day Clubs
    • For enough volunteers
    • For effective training of the volunteers
    • For faithfulness of the volunteers
  • For the Lord to open doors and raise up workers for outreach at Old Spanish Days, the 4th of July parade, and the County Fair.
  • For more volunteers so we can raise up clubs next year at more schools .
  • Favor with schools as we start applying for next year’s GNC’s.
  • For more board members with the necessary gifts and calling for this ministry and for insight and enabling of the present board members