Prayer Corner



August 1, 2017


  • There is a team interested in running a JYC club!
  • We praise God that we can offer our programs for free because of generous donors!
  • The Adventure 5-Day Club:
    • Our largest attendance so far with 19 4th through 6th graders!
    • No safety incidents!
    • A fun time!
    • The students were thankful for the lessons learned about science & creation.
  • The Soccer 5-Day Club:
    • The Lord provided just enough volunteers the week before so we could open it up to more participants and had 53 children.
    • The teen volunteers were amazing!
    • Everything went smoothly!
  • Drawing 5-Day Club:
    • This was our first year running this club and those in attendance enjoyed the drawing lessons, and were very attentive and engaged during the Bible lessons. One student said to me: “Where are you getting these stories from?” They had never heard the Bible narratives we used from David’s Trials and Triumphs as king over Israel!

Please pray for:

  • That the Lord continue to work in the hearts of the children who attended and are not saved yet.
  • That unchurched families will get involved with a church family.
  • Traditional 5-Day Club the week of August 7th – 11th:
    • For faithfulness of the volunteers
    • For the safety of the children during games, etc.
  • Anointing on all Bible-related lessons
  • For the salvation and discipleship of the children
  • Board Members – Wisdom for and enabling of the present ones and for more board members with the necessary gifts and calling for this ministry
  • Golf Tournament Fundraiser, Saturday, September 23, 2017:
  • Good News Club Preparations:
    • Permission from school administrators for the appropriate rooms
    • Sufficient staffing of volunteers for all clubs
    • Advertising of clubs
    • For God’s provision of all materials
    • New clubs to be raised up
  • JYC club preparations:
    • Favor from Junior High administrators so we can get on campus
    • The appropriate room
    • Advertising the club so students find out and attend
    • To be a blessing to students and to the junior high


  • For religious freedom
  • For the material and spiritual provision of its citizens
  • For the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of persecuted Christians