About Us

Who We Are

Child Evangelism Fellowship®, also known as CEF®, is a Bible-centered, worldwide organization of born-again believers who are intentionally sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with children. The ministry is the largest evangelistic outreach to children in the world and is active in every state in the U.S. and in over 150 countries worldwide.

What We Do

CEF sponsors several evangelistic programs, but the two most identified with the organization are 3-hour 5-Day Clubs® and 1 1/2-hour Good News Clubs®. These exciting ministries take place in neighborhood settings such as homes, schools and community centers all over the world. During the fast-paced programs, trained volunteers use dynamic Bible lessons, songs, and games to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an engaging and accessible way. All our programs are offered free of charge.

Here in Santa Barbara County, the local CEF chapter runs an average of three summer 5-Day Clubs and over ten Good News Clubs, including some that meet  weekly in our area public schools. Most of the children who attend our programs come from non-believing families.


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